Thursday, August 19, 2010

First, and hopefully WORST, Haircut

Oh, my poor child. Today, Pat could not resist acting upon yet another one of his brilliant hairstyling ideas. I'm usually fine with these when they involve his own hair. But experimenting with the downy hair of a three-month old (even when it grows in an "old man-pattern") is a less fine thing...

At least he's not old enough to care... and at least he still looks the same from the front... :(

Someday I will look back on this and laugh. But probably not as much as Pat, who cackles like a thirteen-year old every time he sees it.


  1. I am sorry Ber! I am sure your dad loves you though!

  2. PAhahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oh, that's horrible! I hope your dad loves you Ber...I hope his laughs when he sees you are "love laughs"...
    And poor Ber is oblivious! He'll have no idea why people are laughing at him...Bahahhahahaha. I can't wait to see the real thing!!

  3. Ber, You look like a little china man from the back now. But still like your dad from the front!

  4. Pat, you're a lucky man to have a wife who allows you're ridiculous impulses. My husband gave me the same grief about John Michael's hair. I wouldn't budge and guess what? It grew in just fine! A little patience goes a long way.