Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Dinner...

So Carly has been visiting for the past two days. Yay! We have had a lot of fun driving to medical research facilities at 5 in the morning to get some wisdom teeth removed on standby only to be turned away at 7, playing with Berret, and cooking. Tonight, we made ribs and a pepperonata. Yum. I have been bummed the whole summer because of our BBQ-bereftness... but my bummedness has been soothed by this awesome ribs-in-the-oven technique via the best food blog ever.

yummy food and one of the best sisters ever! who is that teenage boy in the green shirt?!

Berret is ever more adorable. I really need to post some recent pictures and videos. He is starting to sleep a lot more, is teething (front center incisors), and is increasingly alert and smily. He loves Aunt Carly! But, heck, we all do. :) He seems to be very independent, and loves to stand more than anything! He also has started to notice his feet and I watched him sitting on the couch today staring at his toes, flexing and curling. I can't even imagine what plans that little rascal is dreaming up, now that he knows the power of all of his little piggies.

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  1. Awww Sweet! That meal really was delicious! I have plans to make it least those ribs. YUM!