Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm back! with a magical treat!

Wow. It's been much too long--15 long months since I last posted, in ecstasies about Edinburgh. Since then, we moved to Durham, England (another ecstasy-inducing place, though of a different sort), and now back to the States. It's bittersweet--familiar, and "home," but without the things (and people!) we grew to love and appreciate in the UK.

But life goes on! and sometimes much too quickly, I might add. For those frenetic days, you can plan ahead and start out on a smug right foot. These overnight steel-cut oats are fantastic. and nutritious. and, best of all, insanely simple.

Right before you go to bed before one of those crazy days, take a small saucepan and fill it with 1/4 c. steel-cut oats and 1-1/2 c. mixture of water/milk (I use 1 c. unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 c. water). Bring to a boil. Add cinnamon to taste and about 1-1/2 c. fresh, chopped strawberries, turn off the heat, and put on the lid. Then just walk away. Go to bed! It will be perfectly cooked when you walk into your kitchen the next morning, and taste like strawberries and cream (the flavor reminded me of this strawberry dumpling recipe... but with no added sugar and the high-protein filling power of oats)--MAGIC.

Don't be deceived by the no-frills appearance. I'm operating on a web-cam here! (By the way, I had already eaten about half of it by the time I snapped a picture--1/4 c. of dry steel-cut oats goes a loooonnng way!)

It is absolutely delightful and keeps me full for hours. Do your crazy-day-self a favor! Who doesn't want to feel like a magician first thing in the morning?!

Notes: In this warmer weather, I prefer my oats at room temperature, but you could also simply turn on the burner the next morning for a few minutes to heat them through. Also, the above is for a single portion, you can double or triple to share--a great option for kids in the morning (especially with a drizzle of maple syrup or some honey on top). Ber-man loves them!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why we love Edinburgh

Some of the reasons why we love Edinburgh, in no particular order:

St. Cuthbert's

St. Cuthbert's

St. Cuthbert's

Broughton Street

This view of Edinburgh castle


Parliament Building

This quote totally encapsulates Edinburgh for me:

"Sweet Ghosts in a loving band
Roam through the houses that stand--
For the builders are not gone"
--George MacDonald

The poem itself (in its 12 line entirety) is a touch more haunting.

High Street

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rosslyn Chapel

Last week, we took a rainy trip to Rosslyn Chapel (probably best known from parting shots of The Da Vinci Code). We figured all we wanted to do was stroll around the grounds, and while we were expecting an entry fee for the chapel itself, we were shocked to find that it costs 9 pounds/person to even get near it! We hadn't brought any money with us, so we were all forlorn and disappointment for a few minutes. Luckily, though, the town/hinterland of Roslin itself is gorgeous and, typing from experience here, best enjoyed while eating PB&J sandwiches in the rain. :)

Our single shot of Rosslyn Chapel (sneaked when those manning the ticket desk were looking the other way...)

January moss

We were there!




Peek-a-boo! by Langhill Farm