Friday, September 3, 2010

Berret went swimming in a pool for the first time today! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures... I was too busy having fun swimming myself. And, of course, what Berret Wagner could mark this momentous occasion with anything but a poopy swimming diaper? He leaked into the hot tub and the pool. Thatta boy.

Here he is pre-swimming pool.

Here he is a few weeks ago before we moved... I love this picture :) (Pat wants y'all to know he took it)


  1. Awww Ber. How I love thee in thy cuteness. Even pooping in the pool is cute. I just want to pinch your little cheeks! --But not butt cheeks. Those stay inside the poopy diaper.

  2. Enjoyed your comments. Aren't kids fun? Your lives are altered forever. The bottom pic is particularly cute...I can see both Pat and Angie in his precious little face.