Saturday, September 18, 2010


I want to go to the Barktober Fest today and watch some retired greyhounds race for charity... but Nooooo. Not cool enough for Pat. So instead we are lounging around volleying the "what are we going to do today?" question, taking pictures of Berret, and imagining what it would be like to have money and eat good food. ;)

P.S. We just came back from doing something! We attended the Great Trade-in event at Toys-R-Us and got a SAFE crib (not a brand name, but an adjective...) for Berret, who has been sleeping in this hazard of a drop-down side crib held together with plastic hardware and tape. (SHAME SHAME!) Then we had some cheesecake at Chili's and Ber actually slept on the bench next to us. What an angel.

P.P.S. We fed Berret his first rice cereal yesterday evening. He wasn't a big fan last night, but today ate up everything and got the hang of eating with the spoon.

A bit unsure... (okay, definitely disliking...)
Hmmm... swishing... appraising the nuances of this nutty wine rice cereal with his oh-so developed palate.

Not bad! I think he is converted.

This is Berret's new and improved 'do. We think it looks SO hip. Bravo, Pat, for your visionary infant fashion instincts.

And he's standing! He LOVES to stand.

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