Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yesterday Pat bought a new kayak. We are planning to go to LP ("Lake Powell," for the joyless uninitiated,) sometime in late August. Can I just give a virtual squeal, people? Not only did Pat get an AWESOME kayak for tricks (360s with one stroke?!), but it will be a vacation. You have no idea how sweetly that word types out. Especially in italics. One more time... vacation.

Not that I am clamoring for a break or anything. By day, I research potential schools/states, work on my personal statement, and write articles for By night, I lead a secret life: I am SUPERMILKWOMAN!

My life is awesome. But even superheros need a vacation once in a while. (vacation...)


This post is dedicated to grandparents who watch babies. and super-nannies (Cooper, you know who you are)

Berret's adorable sneeze.

Ber is a solid boy. I am a poser.

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