Monday, December 5, 2011

Recalling Warmer Times...

Today was a creeping cold. It made me long for the balmy weather of months past, especially after flipping through these pictures. These were taken on an outing we had in October. We attempted to hike to the top of Arthur's Seat but had to settle for hiking around it, as the path was waaaay too steep for our buggy (n.b. It's even a Jeep, so it's made for off-roading). To console ourselves, we went to Leith, right up at the tippy-top of Edinburgh, and walked along the ocean.

Ruins near Arthur's Seat.

Running near Arthur's Seat.

P livin' it up in Leith

Oceanfront bench with stone man.

Only a few more months 'til Spring, right? :) I do love so many things about winter, but the chill gets to me sometimes. I think I'll stop being so parsimonious and go turn on the heater....

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