Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have a Family!

It's slowly dawning on me that my boys and I are a FAMILY. It's a ridiculous thought most of the time--Pat and I are, well, at least I am way too immature to be on my own taking care of my own. But here we are! Somehow, we are pulling it off! We love little Ber, and every day I get to know him a bit better. He is such a sweetiebear--I put him down for a nap about ten minutes ago and as I was closing the door I looked back at his crib. His little head was poking up above the side, bobbing and shaking in his strain to support it, just so that he could see where I was going! Quite an impressive crunch. haha. What a cutie-patootie.


  1. nah...we are not too immature...we are doing a good job! ;)

  2. neato! i just saw the videos and caught up..with your fun. I'd been wondering how you guys were doing, and Barbie was on your hows' that...glad you found a good pizza joint..maybe we will start another blog...or add to the one you guys started to show you all the stuff we are doing around far this week, about 1/2 finished with finish wiring ie light switches and plugs..and we have heat now in INNQ (pronounced "N" "Q" ps this is Dane the Pain

  3. guys are such a darling trio! You are just right for the job and God knows that, that's why he gave you each other!! As I was watching little Ber on the videos you posted, I was thinking, "I cannot believe my dear little sis is a wife and mother!!" Time is so amazing! You are so capable and just right for the job...that's why you have it! You are doing amazing. Love y'all! Brittany