Friday, February 25, 2011

Rock-a-bye Baby or: Adventures in Infant Headbanging

It all began when we moved to our new apartment. Ber was always aware of the two big black towers but just couldn't quite figure out what they were.

The other day I decided that I simply couldn't listen to the thin music from our laptop anymore and hooked up our stereo.

As the music played Ber looked at me in astonishment and made his way to the speakers. After carefully investigating the towers that now seemed to produce sound he tried to eat them.

After all it didn't taste as delicious as he had dreamed and decided to

......JAM OUT!

Please trust us...neither Angie nor I EVER rocked out like this!!

And yes even babies realize that they are pretty darn crazy sometimes and are embarrassed about it.

See for yourself how Ber was introduced to some good ol' music:

(Please also note the can of ravioli on the table. This was supposed to be my lunch but the thingy broke off and I couldn't open it. There was no can opener to be seen anywhere. I figure that this can represents my desires and that I can't always get what I want!)

And if this wasn't enough...there is more where that came from:

Enjoy the Ber!

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